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Personal Training

You are convinced fitness is important...
you're ready...
you're willing to get in shape.
The question is, how do you start?

Individual, group and team training options are available along with in house and off-site training. Please call 610-589-5213 to schedule a free consultation to see which is the right option for you.

FYI…There are no shortcuts! No matter what your goals are - reaching them begins with preparation, a plan and hard work.

Preparation involves understanding (learning and education) what you need to do and how this knowledge applies to your goal.

Planning is putting this knowledge into organized action (via a fitness program) to work towards your goal.

Finally, hard work needs to be implemented to execute the plan.

One piece without the other is like a puzzle with missing pieces - incomplete. Hard work with out preparation and a plan is wasted energy. The best preparation and planning will fail if you don’t put in the work.

Fitness goals are no different; to achieve them you will need all of these things. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there is a lot of incomplete information being promoted in the name of becoming thinner or bigger, stronger, faster or simply more functionally fit. There are no shortcuts!

The knowledge, expertise and guidance of an experienced personal trainer can be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Lynn Kreider brings over 30 years of personal training experience to her clients. Just some of her personal accomplishments are being a championship body builder, world record power lifter, a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, a certified nutrition specialist and she has held a multitude of personal training certifications and was nominated one of the top 15 trainers in the country by PFP in 2015.

Over the years she has personally trained clients at every level: from individuals in wheel chairs and with other injuries that simply want to regain or maintain their quality of life; clients of every age that simply want to lose weight, be stronger or make a lasting change in their lives; high school and collegiate athletes with a desire to take their game to the next level; professional athletes looking for that edge over their competition; world class power lifters and strong man competitors. It doesn’t matter what your need or goal, Lynn has the dedication, experience, knowledge and ability to help you. She truly cares about the welfare and success of every individual.

Tim Kreider is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and Silver Sneakers group fitness instructor. He is a black belt in Tang Soo Do karate and has completed a traditional marathon and off road 26-mile trail run. Tim brings a knowledge and understanding to his clients that can only be obtained through years of experience, education and a commitment to being the best at what you do. It is a privilege to able to share this with clients and help them accomplish their goals. No matter how small or grand. Tim brings the same dedication and care to each of his clients.

Lynn and Tim work together to provide one of the most complete personal training experiences you will have. (Insert client testimonials)

To make an appointment for personal training - PLEASE CLICK HERE!

Call or email us for more information. 610 589 5213

Small Group Personal Training: Open to Members & Non-Members who are looking to push themselves and GET RESULTS!

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"You must have long range goals to keep yourself from being frustrated over short range failures."
- Hebrews 12:2


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