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Tim Kreider
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Diane Clem
Courtney Witmer (Specialty Medical Massage)

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Abby Kemble, Myerstown:

I love the friendly and encouraging atmosphere. I always feel inspired during my workout and enjoy using the equipment. I love Body Pump and the sense of community I feel both in and outside of class. I love Ljs! I used LJ’s to help me train for a successful marathon, too!

Carman Semenza, Womelsdorf:

What I enjoy about LJ’s is the friendly atmosphere. It’s nice to have a gym that takes the ego “out of working out” and makes you feel daring to attempt new things. Couple that with the multitude of equipment and sanitary environment and it becomes like a second home.

Cynthia Ruth, Womelsdorf:

I’ve never been able to do a pushup in my life. But due to Body Pump, I can now do a few but I plan on getting stronger to do more.

Ellen Sweitzer, Robesonia:

Love the Atmosphere. Amy has been a great motivational trainer. She has been a drive in helping me to set my goals. The whole staff is very friendly and helpful in all ways of doing things that has been passed along by the staff.

Erin Eisenhauer, Myerstown:

I love LJ’s fitness for a number of reasons! LJ’s is like a family that can meet together every day. They are here for wonderful support, thru your weight loss goals, motivation, friendship, your good days, and bad days, and also for that extra push everyone needs in fitness. I think this is the best gym around to help anyone meet their goals in life! Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Ginny Kleinsmith, Womelsdorf:

Staff is very friendly and helpful. I have a medical condition which restricts some of the exercising and classes. Lynn has worked with me one on one training which has made me feel welcome to LJ’s. Joining LJ’s again has been the best decision that I have made. I feel happier and have more energy. I love the classes. Everyone is so friendly. LJ’s is one big family and I am glad to be part of it. Thanks Lynn for everything!!

Jeremy Adams, Wernersville:

I love the small gym feeling. Everyone knows everyone (well at least the times they come in). When you take the classes here everyone in there motivates you to make it to the end. Even moving out of the town couldn’t keep me away forever.

Jerome Evaul:

I joined LJ’s just about five years ago at the suggestion of a friend (Jim Penta) you see Jim has a disability, as I do. I had a stroke in March ’65. Still have some right- sided weakness. LJ’s has helped me attain most of my goals and give me the incentive to “keep going.” If I miss a week now and then I really feel it and get back as soon as I can….. Thanks Gang!!

John Pontician, Womelsdorf:

Step One: Hardest Part; Thanks to Lynn and the LJs staff, I want to do this for myself. Mind Strong, Body Strong

John Saldibar, Newmanstown:

LJ’s is not only a place that enhances physical attribute; it also challenges the mind and brings the community together. The staff is knowledgeable and extremely friendly. The free weights combines with the variety of classes has improved my overall performance and health. My cholesterol went down, my times are faster with my running and I have more strength. The staff provides a challenge every day I enter the gym.

Kathy Seaman, Robesonia:

Of all the classes I have taken and am currently taking, I must admit that my favorite is boot camp. There are times that I dread going knowing that Tony will beat my butt. But I always leave with a smile and I always go back.

Lisa Burns, Womelsdorf:

I like LJ’s because it is close to home and has reasonable hours. Staff is very friendly and willing to lend a hand if needed; very accommodating to your needs and helpful with setting up a workout routine.

Margie Kreps, Newmanstown:

When I joined, I thought all I wanted was to lose weight. But now, I’m more mindful of being fit overall (mind, spirit, and body) than just a number on the scale. So, even though I have lost some of the weight, I’ve gained so much more than just that accomplishment! I know I’m more fit than ever and I am gaining great muscle tone. What’s unique about LJ’s is the support and care you get. You really feel everyone behind you as they help you set, reach and celebrate your goals. LJ’s is like “Cheers” (but without the beer)

Abby Kemble, Myerstown:

I love the friendly and encouraging atmosphere. I always feel inspired during my workout and enjoy using the equipment. I love Body Pump and the sense of community I feel both in and outside of class. I love Ljs! I used LJ’s to help me train for a successful marathon, too!

Stacey Osman, Womelsdorf:

The great thing about Ljs is that the people here really care about you and your goals. It is so motivating to come in and be greeted by name have someone ask you about your day. The more I come here, the more I want to come back! I know that as I reach my fitness goals there will be someone to tell me they are proud of my achievements.

Mary Ann Watts, Bernville:

I had no goal when I joined LJ’s. My husband had become a member and was encouraging (bugging) me to also become a member. Reluctantly, I joined. I did not have big plans or goals. My goal had been to get my husband off my back. But the benefit of the exercise program has seen decreases in my blood pressure, body fat index, blood sugar, and weight.

Spencer Watts, Bernville:

I was reasonably healthy, had never smoked, and was not overweight. I did not engage in any special exercise. I was however a walker. I was told that I had a weak heart valve and that exercise would probably strengthen it. LJ’s set up a program of exercises that were suitable. My weight and BFI were within the normal range. Lynn has suggested additional exercise during my years of membership. Subsequent tests involving my heart have shown an improvement in the heart valve problem.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
– Phil 4:13

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